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{March 2, 2008}   Forbidden Love

forbidden 2Hanyesul

I just finished watching one Korean Drama series – Forbidden Love.¬† It is a tragedy so I ended up feeling sad. But the plot was fine. It is not a cheesy love story.Shi Yeon is a Nine-Tailed Fox living undercover in the human world. By day, Shi Yeon is an employee at a natural history museum. By night, she’s a top-ranking woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, charged with preserving the delicate balance between man and fox.

Her world is sent spinning when an atrocious serial murder – where the victims have had their internal organs gouged out – is uncovered.

Detective Min Woo believes the murders may relate to the organ trafficking trade, and goes undercover in a seedy organ smuggling ring. Min Woo’s cover is blown, and it’s only through the intervention Nine-Tailed Fox warrior Mu Young and Shi Yeon that he’s able to survive!

But he’s seen their true identities as Nine-Tailed Foxes…

Chae (another fox warrior) loves Mu Young who loves Shi Yeon who loves Min Woo. It’s really a roller-coaster with all the twists and turns in the plot. I was also surprised to find out that Mu Young’s mother was the culprit.

If you want to watch the whole series, it is available in video streaming at crunchyroll.com.


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