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{March 2, 2008}   Ennui
Ennui on-WEE, noun: A feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction arising from lack of interest; boredom.

Seven hours. I had seven hours of sleep. It was a short one compared to the other days I slept. Weird thing is, I know I can still sleep because I’m still tired. Why am I so tired after seven hours of sleep?

I didn’t immediately went down to grab some food. I stayed in the room and checked emails and read blogs, essays, news, etc. I also was able to chat with my friends.

CK, one of my friends is having a problem with his girlfriend. He said he thinks his gf is taking her for granted and do not appreciate him. He said that he prepared a 3-day vacation for the two of them; even asked her parents for permission; to him everything was set. Then his gf said, “I won’t be able to login at MTC.” MTC is one of the adult forums we have. I am also a member of this community but I don’t think like CK’s girlfriend. Their relationship started in MTC. It doesn’t have to be MTC-based. It seems that the girl is more interested in MTC than in their time alone together. I advised my friend that he must make a stand. It’s not the first time that he was treated like trash by his gf. I even advised CK that he must not be blind with regards to their relationship. It’s a relationship because there are people involved, participating and working for it. If he is the only one sacrificing and working for the good of their relationship, it’s as good as no relationship. CK decided that he will give the gf one more chance. I just hope he’ll be firm in his decision this time… not be persuaded and blinded. Martyrs are so passe.

Garry, a photographer-friend of mine was also online so we were able to talk a little. He was at his office and will be out in 30 minutes but we still managed to exchange news. He said that there have been a lot of changes that happened since the last time we’ve talked. He already broke up with his 3-year girlfriend – third party. His gf found a new man and chose to be with the other guy. Garry did not asked his gf stay and choose him. He said there was no point. If a girl decides to be with another guy, a man has to let go. After some months, he said, the ex-gf was asking if she and Garry can be together again. She said she was wrong, that she was sorry and realized that she loves Garry more. Garry laughed at his ex-gf. He did not accept her back. I told him that it was a good decision. For me, once a person strays away, even once, that person can stray away again. Garry believes that, too. So now, Garry is without a girlfriend but is dating. I advised him to take his time.

After chatting with my friends, I decided to go down and look for something to eat. I found nothing. There are a lot of food in the fridge but I still have to cook. I decided to eat dingdongs. Then, I decided to cook “menudo.”

My boyfriend came home from work while I was still cooking. I had him go to Walgreens and get some stuff. When he came back, we ate. Then we decided to go out and buy chocolates since it was a day after Valentine’s day and chocolates are on sale. When we arrived at Walmart, there was no chocolate from Valentine’s day on-sale. We decided to check out Walgreens. Everything from Valentine’s (Chocolates) were sold. We decided to buy chocolates which are not on sale because I was craving for chocolates.

When we got home, I took a shower and decided to write. That is what I am doing right now while my boyfriend is taking a shower.

I have done a lot of things today but still I’m bored.  I am feeling ennui.


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